The word ‘curate’ no longer just belongs to the museum crowd. Curating means having a refined eye and great taste for something and food is a part of that bandwagon as well. 

So we just don’t bring a vendor, but personally curate the food stall. 

When curating a destination or event- may it be private or public, choosing the right F&B partners along with selection of food is extremely important. 

Since we, as ‘curators,’ choose a F&B brand based on a particular cuisine, taste and aesthetic, we are also able to think of creative ways of presenting food beyond the traditional ‘call-up a venue and ask for a spot’ way of presenting food. 

We are working on ‘Gastrodiplomacy’ concept for tourism boards and cities across India to boost the local economy via the F&B industry.

-Brands, corporate events and weddings

We propose customized solutions, in both the creativeness of the set-ups as well as the culinary creations, menu planning and tasting, independently from the dimensions and the budget. Food staging, flawless service and excellent cuisine are the basic elements for a wedding celebration or any institutional event and we make sure your guests indulge into an immersive dining experience.

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