• Bhoomi Kanakia

4 ways to support your favourite f&b brands during a lockdown

Updated: May 4

With the second wave hitting India and new restrictions put in place, hospitality industry in India has been widely affected. While F&B brands and restaurants have been trying hard to sustain and grow in these difficult times, this is what you can do to help your favourite restaurants and f&b brands.

1. Order directly from the restaurants and not through aggregators / delivery services.

Every time you place an order from an aggregator (third party food delivery apps), a percentage for your total order goes to them. They even add an additional cost for delivery. Placing an order by calling up the restaurants directly or through their website or app, will help them save up the commission paid to the aggregator and save delivery charges for you.

2. Buy credit dining from your favourite restaurants for future.

Credit dining basically means to pay now but eat later. You can offer to help your favourite f&b brands and restaurants to pay now and use the credit money for a meal later. This is way you're not shedding any extra money but helping your favourite restaurant survive difficult times.

3. Book a restaurant DIY box

A DIY meal comes with separately packed ingredients to cook your meal. By ordering a DIY meal, you can cook yourself a restaurant style meal at your time and enjoy the process of cooking your favourite dish.

4. Leave a review on social media, Zomato (and other portals) and spread the word about their deliveries

Brands lose out on a lot of engagement if their social media pages are idle. You can engage with their content, spread the word of their deliveries and leave reviews on their pages. Even if you do not wish to order any food from outside, just liking, commenting and sharing their content would be of great help.

Let's help our favourite f&b brands and restaurants survive the restrictions and be there to serve us our favourite meals once we can!

Let's support each other.

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