• Bhoomi Kanakia

List of NGOs Providing Food During Covid-19

Feeling helpless at home and want to make a difference? The NGOs are working day and night in the midst of the pandemic to make sure nobody has to sleep hungry. A small donation amount can make a huge difference for someone's family.

1. Enrich Lives Foundation : Enrich Lives Foundation is a group of volunteers helping to fight the hunger crisis in the slums of Mumbai to make sure nobody has to sleep hungry.

Website : Contact details :

2. Feeding From Far : Feeding from far is an initiative that has been feeding the poor and unemployed who are struggling to feed themselves during the lockdown. Feeding from far is distributing ration kits that last a family of 5 for an entire week.

Website :

3. Making the Difference : MTD is a non profit organisation that aims to bring a difference in the life of the underprivileged, needy, and especially children. The have been providing ration kits to the needy in Mumbai.

Website :

Contact details : / +91 9769 559 889

4. Khaana Chahiye : Khaana Chahiye have put together technology and on ground volunteers to crowdsource a comprehensive hunger map of Mumbai. They are doing their best to fight it through the second wave of the ongoing pandemic by providing meals, rations kits, groceries etc. to the needy in Mumbai.

Website :

Contact Details :

5. Roti Bank : Mumbai Roti Bank is a non profit food rescue organisation initiated by Roti Foundation Mumbai that bridges the gap between hunger and excess food. You can either send them prepared meals or donate for them to feed as many people as they can.

Website :

Contact Details : +91 8655 580 001 /

Donate now! You never know how much your contribution would mean to someone else.

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