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What We Do

Curation is much more than just how we choose our F&B vendors. It’s an ever-evolving and never-ending process that goes beyond food to satisfy consumer tastes, trending and appropriate menus, price considerations and feature undiscovered favorites. 


We differentiate ourselves in the industry by carefully curating an ecosystem of F&B brands, chefs, beverage partners and event planners nationwide to craft personalized events for clients large and small while creating a new revenue stream for up-and-coming F&B brands.

This hyper-collaborative approach ascertains unparalleled and unique food and beverage experiences for every event.

Meet Team GTC

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet these Food Architects at GTC: Crafting Personalized Experiences with a Dash of Passion at Gourmet Tales Co.


Whether your requirement is to get greater insight into the F&B market, set up cafes for your company, strategize your Hotel F&B mix, create an F&B concept, brokering (brand sourcing), better your brand outreach strategy, add a franchise to your portfolio or master plan your mall or event, at Gourmet Tales Co. we know what it takes to make it reality.  

We can take gourmet brand experiences to the customer, wherever they might be. From strategic thinking to visually appealing & beautiful delivery, may it be pop-ups, events or entertainment, we ensure everything we do is shareable and memorable. 

We provide consultancy to brands to be more pop-up and event friendly!

Fresh Artichoke Pizza
Gourmet Tacos

Catering Lab

We have curated VIP to artist to crew catering lounges for events, marriages, corporates and festivals. With a panel of all range caterers across the country, our catering curation service is a very special and specific process to create something custom for every client. With an initial discovery phone call, we’ll create a customized proposal with our chefs, panel caterers that best complement your dream menu in under seven days. We will generate a curated menu of food that meets any needs or wants for your event, and we will procure all needs related to food and beverage, including but not limited to, catering and bar rentals as well as staffing. To make it extremely easy, every aspect of catering with us comes all-inclusive, so there is no need to worry about adding extra for tax and gratuity.

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